our sweet, sweet baby

Everything about Hazel is sweet. She smells sweet, has the sweetest expressions, the sweetest sounds. She is the greatest joy in my life. She's just started smiling for real and every time she does it my heart melts and I tear up. My twins have always had feisty, strong personalities, but Hazel is really chill. She has never cried full-out. She whimpers a little when she's hungry, but seriously, that's it. I cannot believe it. I'm so grateful for her peaceful soul, she is exactly what we needed. She's so uncomplaining that I just can't be grumpy about being up with her for late night feedings. She loves sleeping, waaaaaaay more than the twins ever have, and cuddling with her during afternoon nap is what I live for. She burrows in until her entire body is touching mine, and I'm pretty sure there isn't a better feeling in the world. I was so worried about having another baby 20 months after Jo and Millie, but she's so easy and loving that she has only added to my happiness.


  1. best tender mercies, those!

  2. I can't wait to snuggle with a little tiny sweetheart again. :) I'm going to be induced on Monday night... but when life slows down for two minutes at a time I would love to catch up. I'm glad Hazel is treating you well!