morning surprises

There are many things I will miss when we leave this house. Living under the same roof as my mom and sister, having help right upstairs, etc.* One thing I will miss is the shelves next to the twins' cribs. There is a running shelf along the east side of the basement wall, and the girls' beds are right next to them. Nearly every night I sneak over to them and place special toys in little dioramas for them for when they wake in the morning. Sometimes they will have princesses giving each other high-fives, or pirates arriving in little long boats with treasure chests, or their favorite woodland creatures hopping a ride in a Fischer-Price car. It typically gives me an extra twenty minutes of sleep in the morning because they wake up, and wow! Look! Rapunzel is climbing up the slide! I won't be able to do that in our new house, and I'll miss it.

*There is probably an equally long list of things I won't miss, most importantly not having to worry about everyone else's things! Or the nails and screwdrivers in the mudroom! Or Walter knocking them over to eat the food in their hands!

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  1. I'll miss you too, Shelley!