my girls

My girls may be hooligans sometimes, but they are also the cutest gals. This morning we were listening to the soundtrack to "Tangled" and when Rapunzel sings: "That's when my life....be--giiiiiiiiiiiiiiins" the girls both spontaneously raised their arms just like she does in the movie and sang one long note along with the music. They were so guileless, they just let it all out. I love them. And I can't WAIT to take them to Disneyland. I can't decide what I think they'll love most: Pirates, Winnie the Pooh, Casey Junior or Buzz Lightyear.
My favorite thing on earth, literally, is when Hazel wakes up in the morning. Mmmm. Typically she nurses at 6 AM and then sleeps in till 9. Then she stretches her little arms and legs, arches her back, and then peeps through her eyelids, and gives me the biggest, sleepy, woozy-warm smile. Is there anything better than that, really?


  1. I'm so excited to see them tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love that you are so cognizant of the perks of parenting.

    Also Renn is working down there on June 4th from 8-2. I could totally come down with him and my boys and help with your girls if there's a locations somewhere that would allow me to keep everyone somewhat corralled. And Renn can come help after he gets off, although I'll have to go pick him up if we drive down together..... if you still can use help by 2pm. I'm totally willing if that sounds feasible to you!

  3. My kids' favourite rides are winnie the pooh and casey jr!