the budget

To keep a balanced budget, we need to keep our internet and phone bill under $100 a month. You'd think that would be easier to do, dude. Up to this point we've been on Trev's parents' family plan for cell phones, which end this month. So this is my last week with a cell phone, and my last week with my children's beloved TV shows, Curious George and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I will miss texting and television, but people lived for millenia without them, and so can I....right?


  1. I'm going to need a new phone number for you then! The only one I have is your cell#. You can watch a lot of curious george on the internet, so if you have that.... you'll be ok.

  2. The Internet is a must. Plus Trevor works from home on occasion. I'll let you know my new number when I get it.

  3. Once our contract is up, we are canceling our cable to free up funds as well. However, you stay the heck away from my phone! LOL At least Bobby was able to find us a good plan that gives me unlimited texting and unlimited minutes as long as it's to other cell phones!