pack or purge

I'm working hard on packing. We've been here four years and I feel like we've filled every cranny with our belongings. Its an onerous task. However, I love purging. Even saying the word makes me feel cleaner. I revel in recycling, donating and just plain throwing things out. I'm brutal about it too because I hate clutter and useless things. So being forced to go through everything we own and decide to pack or purge sort of feels like losing weight, fast. What I have a hard time purging is art supplies, textiles and books. Which makes up a lot of our possessions. But we can fit 75% of our total amount of stuff in a 10' by 14' room, which I feel good about. And the majority of what I'm donating was stuff that was given to me in the first place, stuff I didn't purchase, which makes me feel confident I'm making wise consumer choices. So even though I am stuck inside packing on a beautiful day like this, at least it feels good!

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