1-2-3....TIME OUT.

Its been two weeks since I started using Dr. Phelan's 1-2-3 disciplinary method with the twins. I tell you what, Jo is a much happier girl. All I had to do was put her in time out TWICE and she never followed me around whining all day. She will still fuss, but nothing like before, and I can get it to stop in three counts. Millie is a bit more stubborn, but I bet in another two weeks it will be totally under control. I'm pretty strict, more strict than I imagined I'd be as a mom. But I really can't stand ill-behaved children.

Hazel is waiting for her cuddle time with me, and is reminding me with little kicks on my arm. Better go :).


  1. I'm strict too, but it's because if they continue their behaviour, they will literally drive me insane.

  2. While on a parenting bend anyway, I'll recommend The Parenting Breakthrough by Merilee Boyack. We loved it.