moving reveals my lifelong affair with fruity desserts; moving tomorrow; musn't love dogs

I must be deeply psychologically influenced by pie. I noticed that every room color I chose corresponds to a pie: kitchen, banana cream. Girls' room, lemon meringue. Play room/Sewing room: key lime. They all make me happy, both the color and pie. Yummm......

Tomorrow we move. The Elder's Quorum is coming and everything. Weird to think this will be our last night here. I am so worn out, peeps. We're all really excited. I am mostly excited to experience being a mother to toddlers without having to worry about them ruining someone else's house. My housekeeping goals for my new house are two: 1. Every single room must be entirely kid-proof. 2. Clutter is the enemy.

And just because the yard would be a perfect place to have an adorable, happy yellow lab puppy doesn't mean I should get one, right.....? I clean up enough poo everyday without a dog. Even a cute one. With floppy ears. And brown eyes. And sweet yellow fur, and that adorable puppy lopsided run....NO. I can't have any more burdens right now, financial or otherwise. No more extra messes. 



  1. Good luck with the move! I can't even tell you how emotionally rejuvenating it was to move into our own space (we lived in my in-law's house for two years). I'm sure you'll feel the same way.

  2. DO NOT get a dog with a new baby! We did and the dog never got trained, the yard was a mess and I did not care. The baby took priority--which she should. However, next summer you will be ready and the baby a little more independent. Also, yellow labs get fat! They are cute puppies and wonderful dogs, but they always get fat! Get a lab mix and they are usually great.
    Good luck on your new house and living on your own!