Had a lovely soiree with some kindred spirits this evening, with fancy fare like San Pelligrino, cheese and bread. The kind of friends where it doesn't matter how long its been since you last saw each other, you still feel close, and you only quit talking because you're too tired to keep going. We've been friends for years, and what stood out to me this evening was how we've increasingly had to face life's ugly parts as we get older. Things that can leave one embittered, cynical. All four of us however haven't succumbed to it, and its got me wondering why. Is it faith? Is it upbringing? What keeps us buoyed against the saddest parts of life? I don't know. I decided a long time ago that seeking magic is what keeps me afloat. Magic of all sorts. Keeping wonder in everyday living. But what is it for others?

I'm grateful to know people like them, to have kindred spirits, and the kind of conversation that leaves you thinking for days afterward.


  1. You know Shell, I'm think that the only thing keeping my buoyed sometimes is the prospect of being nice to someone tomorrow. That, or my guitar. That, or my friends, just being with them. Come to think of it, there are quite a few things that keep my going. I'M SO EXCITED TO COME HOME SOON!!

  2. I really had to think about this. It sounds so cliche, but my faith keeps me buoyed. And music. When I need some kind of physical release of the stress and craziness of the world, I find that playing cello and piano keep me at ease.

  3. I'm terribly grateful lately for people (like you) who manage to stay afloat when real life hits. I had several friends in college who were insanely buoyant/perky/nearly evangelical, but when crap hit a few years later got extremely disillusioned. Which makes me think that perhaps their buoyant zeal was made of mostly naivete. In which case maybe my quieter reserved and determined version of optimism isn't such a bad version after all.