harry potter

*Sigh*......Harry Potter is over. There won't be any more movies or book releases. I just don't think there will ever be anything like this in my lifetime. Being a bookseller for the release of books five, six and seven, I was part of the whole Harry tidal wave, and loved it. I started reading them when the second book was released, and felt like that generation of kids who 'grew up' along with Harry. I really liked the last movie, I thought it was the best of all of them, but I'm so sad its over. Even if there is another book that captures the world's imagination like Harry Potter, it won't be the same. No one stays up all night to get a digital release of a book. It won't be a community event if bookstores become a thing of the past. I guess I'll miss the pageantry, and all those enthusiasts dressed up in school robes and make-up lightening scars.

But you know what I have to look forward to? Reading it to my kids, and discovering it again through their eyes.

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  1. There we go! I hadn't even thought of sharing it with my kids some day. I love it. And I, too, started reading the books when the second one was released.

    Did you see the pictures of my sisters and me on facebook? We had too much fun!

    Love you guys!