these are a few of my favorite things...

We've had some tough toddler days of late. It helps to remember my favorite new things they are doing.
Jo: When she says "Come on!" when she's trying to get you to go somewhere with her. She either says it with a cute little lilt, or with total impatience. She's also got some seriously cute freckles. She's so fair, she gets these sweet tiny freckles across her nose.
Millie: Whenever she sees any baby animal (especially yellow lab puppies) she exclaims: "Its cuuuuu-Yuuuuute!" and tilts her head and coos over it. She is one big animal lover. I want to get her a dog. I also love the way she says "Good Morning" when I come to get her in the mornings. Its like she doesn't get the consonants right, and its just so cute.
Hazel: Whenever I put her on top of our bed, she knows its her one-on-one time with me, and she gets so excited. All her little limbs flail and she lets out these yips of giddiness. I'm pretty sure if every baby came like Hazel, there would be peace on earth.

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  1. My favorite moments with my nieces;
    Jo; also when she says "c'mon", so darn cute.
    Millie; when I lay down on the floor and she flops on my chest and gives me kisses on the cheek. Priceless.
    Hazel; when she munches on my finger, that or when she insists on being able to see you at all times.