summer wardrobe ruins

I took a good hard look at the twins' wardrobe today, and besides their Sunday dresses, I don't think I'll be saving any of it for Hazel. Their shirts are ripped, have little holey-holes, stained with dirt and oreos and who knows what, greyed and sunfaded. I wouldn't even give them to DI. I think they will go straight in the trash once the weather turns cooler. I won't even mention my own clothes.

We're undertaking major changes yet again in our new house. The nearly-seventy-year-old, dirty, drab, brown, textured wallpaper has been torn off the walls, and it took almost two whole days of scraping to get the glue off. I can't take any credit for this, my mom and sister-in-law did this part. Now Trev is taping, priming and painting it. I have some seriously cute ideas for our little hallway, and I'm getting antsy to see it all put together. I will post before and after pictures, once the after has happened :).

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  1. sorry I'm not there to help. I miss you all already!