A perfect portrait of my girls

We were painting outside this morning, the girls stripped down to their diapers. They think its hilarious to paint on each other, so they were blue and green head-to-toe. Then they were twirling and singing "Once Upon a Dream," or at least their sweet sing song version. Then they spent the rest of the morning wearing their new monkey masks running around pretending to be monkeys. So quintessential Jo and Millie. I love their active imaginations and the creative world they live in. Their vocabulary is exploding, and the better we communicate the happier we all are. I've been waking with joy in my heart the past week, excited to see what they will do and learn everyday.

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  1. !!!!! When Grace was 2-3ish, she was OBSESSED with Sleeping Beauty and sang that song all the time! Ahh brings back memories. :) Miss you guys!