an apprecitated reprieve

I had an extremely difficult summer. Some apparent hardships: buying a house, moving, Trevor losing his job and searching for another, and, hardest of all, my grandfather's passing. But there were several things that happened that aren't apparent, and I likely won't ever talk about with anyone. But I feel like we're through the thick of it, and I've been enjoying a quiet couple of weeks. My best friend came to visit. The wee girls and I have been spending some good time outside. I've been really happy, and occasionally I want to look up to the heavens and say, "Let this stay for a while - I'm happy." I'm not holding my breath for the next inevitable trial, but after what I've been through the last few months I'm grateful for a cheerful reprieve, and I'll take it for all that its worth!


  1. I'm glad you're catching your breathe. I think we're finally ready to venture out if you're ready to invite us over. Monday and Friday afternoons are easiest. Lemme know.

  2. I just miss those little girls!

  3. I have come to savor those peaceful moments and fully inhabit them. There was a time when they almost panicked me because I thought OH NO! IT CAN'T ALWAYS BE THIS WAY! But now I just accept them for the gift they are.