some days are like that...

Can I just say that having two two-year-olds and one 7-month-old baby is really, really hard? Its so much harder than anything else I've ever done. WAY harder than a Master's thesis or working a full time job or literally anything else.
Without sounding puffed up, 90% of the time I truly enjoy all of it. I love watching them learn new things, their creative imaginations, their magical world. Love playing outside with them, crafting, cooking, playing, being a stay-at-home-mom. And who couldn't love Hazel? I know this is where I want to be and I don't want anyone else doing it.
But....add a first tooth coming in, a butt-kicking bout of mastitis, and two toddlers who just don't stop moving, and that can add up to a pretty bad day, peeps. Plus the weather is turning cooler and I'm grumpy about it. Can't send the girls outside in naught but diapers.

I do have some wonderful things to look forward to, and I just finished sewing myself a lovely dress that I can't wait to sport at church on Sunday! And, I have a terrific husband. About two years ago for Christmas he gave me a beautiful silver Art Nouveau hair pin. It was my most favorite thing I owned. I lost it about six weeks ago, and I have spent hours looking for it. I'm so afraid it got thrown out, or fell out of my purse in some parking lot, or is lost in some corner I'll never find it. I've actually been praying to help me get over losing it, because I'm starting to suspect I'll never see it again. I'm tearful. So Trevor bought me another one as "a place holder" until we find the other one. He gave it to me today and it is lovely.


  1. Just spent two hours perusing ebay for art nouveau jewelry..... way to go.

  2. Shelley, I always love reading about your world--even when your world is hard. You are awesome.