a good weekend

We spent the weekend at home, updating and upgrading! Trevor finished 90% of the painting in the hallway, but those pictures later with the finished product. This is what else we did:

Depressing, ill-fitting fabric on the kitchen bench? Be gone!

And the best part is that its laminated, so I can just wipe off those two-year-old face wipes and sticky fingers...

My personal favorite fix-up this weekend. My relationship with this 1970s, London-Lounge-Era hideous heater has been laced with hate since first we met. Not only has it scratched the twins, but it was a potential fire danger if you have toddlers like mine. I've had the measurements in my head for months, and I've kept my eyes out for something interesting to put in place of this ugly heater. It had to accomplish several things besides fill the fireplace gap, it had to be baby-proof and attractive. That's a tall order.

But, lo! My bike ride to a flea market Saturday morning yielded a good find:

Its actually an antique medicine cabinet, turned on its side. Wide enough, but not tall enough, so we filled the gap with these beautiful old books I've been carting around since my Read Leaf days. Trev and I reconfigured the books several times to get the right 'bohemian' feel.

How did we accomplish so much, you may ask? My spectacular brother and sister took the twins off our hands for half of Saturday, God bless 'em.

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