more mobility

I think its impossible for people to understand why it is so difficult to go places with the three chiclets. Until, that is, you actually go somewhere with me with them. Then you see one screaming crazy toddler running one direction, one monkey toddler running another, and one angelic, but twenty-two pound, babe in arms. I can't go anywhere with only one stroller because Hazel is too big for me to strap to my body and chase the twins.
So I rarely leave the house. Like, maybe once a week, peeps. I have groceries delivered. We do a lot of toddler art projects and creative indoor play, and we take full advantage of a huge yard. But even with all my creativity, as a former world-traveler, I get cagey. Crazy sometimes. I read as much as I can and kind of go on mental 'holidays' and watch a lot of foreign films, but some days (like yesterday) I just can't stand it. But I have to rely on other people to come with me to go anywhere! I have to plan with Trevor, my mom or my sister to go anywhere. Spontaneous trips are not in my realm of possibilities, even to the park.*
I've been thinking hard about what I can do about this, because I'm pretty sure I will eventually snap before they turn 5 if I don't have some mobility. Then I though - a triple stroller! Of course. Then they will all have a place I can strap them in, and no babe-in-arms. I will still have racing twins, but I won't have to hold Hazel while chasing them.
But, ah! They are nearing $300! No way, Jose! So to KSL I turned, and found this. If it rolls, its good enough. We are meeting at BYU for the exchange. Which is perfect, because I will very soon have circulation privileges again at the HBLL (not a student again, but a Friend of the Library!)

So here's to slightly more mobility, and some academic reading ahead of me.

*Last time I went to the park alone, I lost Millie in the parking lot while chasing Jo who was running full tilt in the opposite direction. I got dirty looks from this very calm mother (of ONE) for yelling for them. I was about to drop some foul language in that lady's smug little lap.

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