Sunday Sacrament Circus! Featuring Jo-Jo the Chimp and Millie the Kid!

Jo and Millie always want to help themselves to the sacrament bread and water at church. I finally thought this week they might be old enough, and seen the pattern often enough, to able to handle it on their own....

Millie took a cup from the tray, crouched on the ground with her head between her legs, and stuck the whole cup in her mouth. Then in one springing jump she bolted up, threw her head back with her arms at her side, like she'd been planning this move for months. She of course choked on the water, spluttering all over the poor little deacon's pants. In the ten seconds it took Millie to perform this trick, Jo had taken not two but three more little cups to drink, spilling her old water into all the cups she passed on the tray. Because she was thirsty, and one teensy cup of water didn't quench.

I was horrified! But also trying to stifle my laughter! Afterward Trevor called Millie's sacrament drinking move her 'Free Willy.' What was she thinking? You'd think I hadn't taught them any manners at all! I was laughing so hard I almost had to leave. Trevor was shaking trying to keep it in. I mean, why? Why would she drink it like that? Nearly every week in the past year and half she has quietly taken her cup and sipped it. I give her a chance to do it on her own, and wow! She turns it into a roadside circus!

I swear my kids are crazier than any I've ever met. And its not like I am not trying, or sit them in front of the tv so much that when they're off they go nuts. They are just wild, a la Max in Where the Wild Things Are. I really think its a twin thing, because every mother of twins I talk to has the same story.

And they're up from their nap....time to let the animals out of their cages.


  1. Ha ha! I can just picture this "Free Willy" gesture. That's hilarious. It sounds like it really was premeditated!

  2. So FUNNY! I remember one time Daina took a sacrament cup on her own at about that age and about choked on it. Scary!

  3. Great story! Really made me laugh. I don't know how you held it together!

  4. Um, have you not SEEN my kids?! You must have forgotten or you'd never claim yours were crazier. Pretty sure we've got that one covered.