girlies, power and progress

I joked with my mom about six months ago that it didn't matter if I had had twin boys or girls, because the twins are totally tomboys, but over the past month I've noticed some gradual changes towards the girly side of things. They love having their toenails painted. They are starting to nurture their toys, being 'little mamas.' Now I wish that nurturing extended to their baby sister, but so far its only their special toys. They love sparkly shoes, and Millie (with no help from me) calls them her "Cinderella Shoes." They still act like monkeys or puppies for 70% of the day, but I love watching these subtle changes.

The power was out for most of the morning. It brought home to me how parenting is truly possible without the television to distract your children, but taking a shower is not. It also reminded me of my old house in Hawaii, where the power would routinely go out, for whole days at a time. Out came the candles, and the fridge door stayed shut. Sometimes I'm sad my kids won't grow up in the same house I did, with the beach in the backyard and abandoned military bunkers to explore. As great as Utah is, its not quite Hawaii for a childish imagination.

Speaking of power, WOW, the terrible twos are aptly named. Millie especially turns everything into a power struggle, from eating her food to getting her shoes on to my efforts at potty training. I have to choose my battles with her, and I try to let her do as much by herself as possible, even if it means her failing and getting frustrated. And Jo, her power struggles have more to do with my attention, which is spread awfully thin between three babies. She's started shouting "LOOK AT ME MAMA!!!!" if I'm ignoring her, to say, change a diaper. Its as obnoxious as it sounds.

I've made some good progress lately in how to keep myself energized despite spending *literally* 11-12 hours a day non-stop with three wee babes. It has involved a lot of prayer and huge amounts of emotional effort on my part, but its working. That's another blog post for another naptime :).


  1. I would venture to say you would notice a difference with boys. They wear you out in different, but comparable ways. But gender differences aside.... this sounds like my life right now.

  2. You know that i'm here for you... when my arm starts feeling better.