love this house

I really can't count the times Trevor and I have turned and said to each other, "I love this house." We really, really do. We are doing a lot of changes, and it might be the most fun Trev and I have had together since we got married. Choosing colors, trying ideas, measuring, taping, painting, changing. I'm a happy home owner.

Several practical and well meant individuals warned us against buying a house that's more than 100 years old. They absolutely have a point, its amazing how expensive it can be ($700 electrician's bill to update some wiring....oy!), but I can't tell you how much I love the bits and pieces left over from long ago. The coal chute, boxes from the Bell Company that went out in the 1970's, and of course, the carriage house with its fat, rusty nails that were certainly hammered out by a blacksmith, the smattering of old horse shoes, the screen door from a by gone era. I love looking out my bedroom window and seeing the mountain, the carriage house, and the tree fort. Love the angled ceilings upstairs, the creaky floors, and thinking about how someone probably watched the lunar landing in the same room I'm watching tv.

We might be starting the last stage of the hallway this weekend, I'm dying to see it finished!


  1. Now we really want to come over and play. When?

  2. Living in a 100+ house for 7 years for us was so fun, I know the feeling! My bedroom was in the attic, which I LOVED (except for the bats!), and there was a LOT of character to the house. Glad you're enjoying the house. :) It really is fun.