honey over vinegar

I had one of my more brilliant ideas today. I took the girls here. I'm not exaggerating when I say they have never had more fun anywhere, ever. They wore themselves plum out, a herculean feat; in fact in the two and a half years of our life together I've never seen them poop out. Pretty sure we're going to start budgeting $6 a week to let them run, jump, climb and bounce indoors while the backyard hibernates...

In the two hours we were there this morning, we were alone except for a boisterous group of teenage boys who were having a break from drug rehab. Their language was foul, and not only was I bothered but I didn't want the twins to pick up on it. But these poor souls are being reformed by adults all around them, and being told what to do twenty four hours of the day, and I just didn't want to be that mom. So I had another good idea. "Hey guys, when you dive from the trapeze there, can you do a Tarzan call? It would make my girls' day. They're obsessed with Tarzan and if you did it when you flew through the air, wow, it'd make them happy." It did make the twins happy, and the obliging fellows were polite and I didn't hear another foul word. Honey over vinegar, ever time...


  1. Brilliant is right! I love reading about your life, Shelley. Just wish I lived next door to you, so I could watch the girls grow up.

  2. Love, love, love what you did! Great example of showing love and kindness at all times! We have a gym like this down the street from us and my kids love it as well! Glad you found some good winter play grounds!

  3. I think you just saved my life....