cook, there's nothing else to do

I've spent obscene amounts of time in the kitchen lately, cooking. Chalk it up to being bored with no spending money and housebound. Its something I can actually kind of do when the kids are awake. I've been checking out cookbooks from the library like nobody's business. Recipe hunting online, ripping out pages of magazines, trying all sorts of crazy things with out of the way ingredients. Its making my husband very, very happy. My most recent successes? Sarah Foster's Bread Pudding, Sweet Potato and Mushroom Marsala, Turkey Soup, Chicken Thighs with Wild Rice and Grapes (Trev's favorite), and oh so much bread. I'm not even mentioning desserts.
I never cared for cooking up to this point in my life because it felt like too much effort for something so short lived. But heck, when you've got the time and nothing else to do, I say...cook!
On the menu tonight: mango-salsa chicken enchiladas...with loads of cheese.

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