new toys!

Before we had kids, we got so much unsolicited advice, warnings, blah blah blahs everywhere we turned. However, no one warned me about how much fun it is to give new toys to your kids. Holy cow. I love to give them surprises.
Like everything else, I have to do it on the cheap. But at this age they couldn't care less if it came from DI or if I made it for them. I'm making their Christmas presents (pictures pending), and I can hardly wait to see their little faces light up Christmas morning.

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  1. We're in the same boat. Barbie clothes, golf ball ramps, custom ugly doll-ish corn bags for each kid (designed unwittingly by the arsonist and to discourage the setting of fire to the beds) with matching pocket warming rice bags...

    I just hope they love them as much as we've had fun making them!