bed nooks and holiday exhaustion

Because I spend so very much time at home, I start many home improvement plans in my mind. I have this whole addition to the house drawn up in my little moleskine. Trev's totally on board, and we may even have a way to pay for it, we'll just have to wait 1-2 years to do it. We want to add onto the eastern side of the house, break down part of the kitchen wall to add a dining room, and above it expand the upstairs bedroom. My mind is swimming with swell ideas, and one that we would certainly have to do would be bed nooks, a simpler version of the picture, which I saw in the NY Times a couple of years ago and has never left my imagination:


On a different note, does anyone else suffer from holiday exhaustion? I'm a leetle tired of Christmas already, and its still 10 days away! I've been up too late working on all the Christmas presents, eating too many sweet things neighbors and friends bring by, if I hear 'Santa Baby' one more time I may have to bore a hole in the wall, anticipating our missionary call is killer, Relief Society party, Ward Breakfast, family get-togethers, I'm not looking forward to all the social things I have to do. I know, call me Scrooge, but every year its a bit of a relief for it all the be over, and I'm already looking forward to it!

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  1. I loved President Uchdorf's talk for the Christmas devotional. I felt like it was just what I needed to hear. We get so caught up in making memories that we lose the meaning. This year I've been trying to not get too caught up in the hub bub and focus more on this very spiritual time. A time to glorify our God!