jo defeats the dark side

If you've met Jo, you've met her blanket. Moogie-made, yellow and purple, soft, dirty. Yesterday it needed a wash. Josephine. Was. MAD. She was so angry at ME, which I have to say, is a true first. She looked at me with the most adult serious-face she could muster and said, "NO, mama. No washing." Trying to take her as seriously as she takes me, "Sorry Jo, its dirty. Look. Smell it, it stinks." "NO MAMA. NOOOOO!"
We were trying to get out the door to buy food. She was a pile of tears and balled-up anger. I gave her an ultimatum, she could go to time-out, or she could come with us. I could see the battle raging in her eyes. She was mad at me for washing her blanket, but she didn't want to go in time out. It was a very Luke Skywalker moment for her. Imagine The Emperor hissing, "Give into your anger, Jo! Yesssss." So she smacked the wall a few times, hard, cried some more, and came with us.
I felt so bad for her, I was asking her to do a very grown-up thing indeed, but she did it. I'm proud of her. And now, ever since she got her beloved "gwigitch" back (we're assuming that's a name she's given it?), she keeps remarking to me how good it smells :).

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