Gospel Doctrine

Apparently Heavenly Father heard my desire to teach and gave me a calling. Bishop asked me to teach Gospel Doctrine. There's only two classes, and one whole class is all mine every week. I'm thrilled, but nervous too. I'm intimidated to teach people who are older than me. When I told the Bishop that, he asked how old I was. I told him 27. "Oh, you're not THAT young!" Ha ha, thanks Bishop.
We're doing Book of Mormon this year, which, truth be told, wouldn't be my strongest gospel to teach. My strengths would be first New Testament, then Old, then Book of Mormon and lastly D&C. So this will be good for me, and make my weakness a strength. I just won't be able to pull in any art history whatsoever!
But it does take all that time with which I was going to teach community ed. Which is okay, but another sacrifice. There's no way I could do both. I have about an hour of time every night in which I could do it, and I think this calling is a clear sign that that hour will now be preparing for Gospel Doctrine.


  1. How exciting! (for you, not me, I would be terrified) I so wish I was still in the ward, might have to drop by some Sunday!

  2. That was the first calling I had after Blake and I got married. It was intimidating at first. The teacher I was taking the class from was the former Stake President who everyone clearly loved and respected. The intimidation didn't last too long though; the class was great. I enjoyed teaching it. I'm kind of excited for you.

  3. I've always pined for that calling, which is why I will never get it. I will be stuck in nursery for the rest of my childrearing years, I'm sure of it.