two blessings

Doing better. Still no trips planned, but the twins have given me an easier go today. I've also had two unexpected blessings plop into my life. The first is through an old friend, Amy. She and I have been friends since high school, and kept in touch during our BYU days, and now she and I live within a few blocks of each other. She also has a Josephine, and my Jo thinks that's pretty cool. She worships her new friend, and tries to hold her hand when they play and asks me once every couple of hours if she can play with her 'friend Jo.' Its fabulous for my kids to get some new scenery and interact with some really great kids, and its wonderful for me to have a friend to talk to.
The second blessing is in a puppy. No, we didn't get one. But my parents did. Of course my children are fascinated with it, and the best part for me is witnessing how tender they can be.

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  1. Funny to read this and think of what a blessing you and your kids have been for us too. Especially, today, that dinosaur hat. HOLY COW. It may be wore down to the threads before we return it. We really do love our play dates with you.

    And I plan on your Mom's dog being a blessing in our lives too:). When it's a little older.