If I were to write letters to my little ones, I'd write this...

Dear Jo,
You are one unique child. You're unlike any other little girl I've ever known, or even heard of. Who's heard of a girl obsessing over monkeys at two years old - and have it last for almost a year?! You have this goofy smile with terribly crooked teeth (that will cost your dad and I some fortune in orthodontics, ahem) that warms the cockles of my heart. I love the nape of your neck, your wispy hair and your smooth, soft porcelain skin. My favorite thing you do is when you cuddle up on my lap, and stay for a while. Don't stop that, at least for a while, please :).

Dear Millie,
You live your life out loud, child. You never have a single emotion or thought that isn't written all over your little face. What I love most about you right now is your peg-leg skip, that bright sparkle you get in your eye when I even mention baking a cake, and when you raise both your arms and yell, SHEE-RAAA! from the top of the castle. You can be awfully sweet to both Hazel and Jo. You bring them blankets and toys, and for that I'll always be grateful. I love how you always act like someone is watching in an audience, and you're waiting for the applause.

Dear Hazel,
My perfect, blond angel-baby. Could anyone ask for a sweeter, softer, more beautiful almost one-year-old? No. I love when you cuddle with me in the mornings. You've recently mastered climbing up to the top of the slide, and I'm very proud. I'm glad you're starting to stand up for yourself to your sisters. You've got a lot to compete with, with those twins. Your sweet nature and ready smile will always get me to do whatever it is you want. The truth is you've got me wrapped around your finger, but shh! Don't tell anyone else!

I love you all, so very, very much.
Your mama
PS~ I got you Krispy Kremes for breakfast - oh yeah, baby!


  1. Shelley, you're the best sister and those girls are incredibly lucky to have you as their Mama.

  2. I love these letters, Shelley. Love you, too.