Recipe for Hard Times

  • Husband worked all last weekend, and will work the next two weekends. His boss just bought the graphics team AIR MATTRESSES because they expect them to sleep there for the next little while. This means no breaks for a mama in the evenings or weekends. 
  • Family is on a trip to Paris, Lisbon and South Africa. They are sending me lots of pictures, but I don't want to look.
  • Its February in Utah. Bleh. 
  • A teething one-year-old, whose dental facilities evidently thought producing every single tooth at once would be a good idea.
  • Same said one-year-old has been weaned, which makes her unhappy and less likely to sleep.
  • The twins think its awesome to scream a lot at the top of their lungs. I've had a chronic sinus infection for about four months, so whenever they scream it just bounces around in the fluid up there and gives me massive headaches.
Thank the television gods for Downton and Sherlock, and thank the sewing muses for three new sewing books, and thank the library for feeding me an endless stream of good books. 

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