I already know I'm going to get flack for this - so why am I writing it? Because I've been re-watching and re-watching Downton Abbey, and its on my mind.

I wish we still wore corsets.

You read that right. I love the way it makes bodies look, how it makes women walk. I know they couldn't breathe and some styles took it to an extremity, but there were those who loved them even as they wore them. To be perfectly candid, some of us could use a leetle more support than the bras on store shelves provide.

I think wearing a corset would make me feel more self-confident in my body; it could hide so many flaws. In addition, it is my opinion that today's styles do not flatter the female figure. Denim is just not that forgiving. When I watch shows like Downton or paintings from a more refined era, I just can't help but think that we could use a little more corseting in our fashion these days.

My sister-in-law just made her very own corset, pretty sure she doesn't wear it, but maybe I should start a new trend...So go ahead, shoot it down, but you ain't changing my opinion.


  1. Oh I can't shoot you down. (Especially since I'm the one that made my own. And no, I haven't worn it yet, but only because I haven't made an excuse to do so...) I agree though. If nothing, couldn't we set a standard to dress up more for church? For social functions? I understand that so many of our day to day activities necessitate less restrictive unmentionables, but why, why can't we go back to looking like we care how we look?

    In other words, amen sister.

  2. lots of women wear corsets


  3. I know a few people who wear them regularly too. I'm actually a huge fan of what great supportive garments can do for just about anybody, even if they are just wearing jeans and a t-shirt over them. (And I sing the praises of spanx for post-partum bodies everywhere.)

  4. Not me. Too much scar tissue and a propensity toward small bowel obstructions will keep me from ever desiring to wear a corset!