La Dolce Vita

Trev and I rarely (as in, hardly ever) go out to eat. Not only is a budgetary issue, but taking the twins to a restaurant is like bringing little messy whirlwinds. However, because Trevor is practically living at work right now, we went to meet him for lunch. He looked so sad. We haven't spent more than two hours with him over the past two days, and its not doing any of us any good. But back to the point, we went to La Dolce Vita, my fav Italian restaurant in Provo which also happens to be next door to Trev's work. And the girls were good. They sat in their chairs. They ate their food. Jo sang us a song that went: "Jo's soooooong......Jo's soooooong......" while she ate her plain noodles. Hazel gave herself a drink with a straw. Millie didn't want to eat, but she was happy cuddling with her dad.
Trev looked over at me and said, "This....seems easier than usual. Are we past a stage?!" Oh I hope so, my love. I hope so.

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  1. knock on wood though - these "stages" wax and wane, rather than passing altogether.