a new day

I think we've reached a landmark. That magical moment when toddlers play together, rather than parallel play. Its been processing for more than a week, but suddenly today Jo and Millie were behind the couch with their She-Ra action figures (who were presumably on the edges of dangerous precipices) playing together for half an hour. I stood there, watching them, expecting any minute for them to quit, to ask me for something, for a fight to break out over sharing. Nada.

Then a euphoric feeling overcame my person. A feeling that perhaps what all those experienced twin moms keep telling me: "Its hard now - but wait till they're old enough to play together. Then its worth it" might be true.

They played well all morning. I got things done. I actually sewed. Between that and the almost balmy weather outside, I'm going to ride this euphoric wave as far as it will take me! I'm feeling positively invincible.


  1. and THAT is where I start to envy mothers of twins. Having 3 kids home all day who are all on different levels of "play" means that I am less likely to get anything done as they get older, rather than more.