I've never been casual with my scripture reading, 15-20 minutes every night without fail. But since I was called to teach Gospel Doctrine, I've been spending some 45 minutes after the girls are in bed and dishes are done. Reading the Book of Mormon with the objective of teaching from it changes everything. I'm immersed, and having a more rich experience than I ever have before. Trying to see the larger picture, thinking of the BoM in its context, and reading reading reading. I love it. I've even been applying some of the critical thinking I learned in graduate school, and the book holds up well I must say.
It helps that I have a snap-crack class, they always have good comments and interesting ideas. I've been reading interesting side material too, like The Book of Mormon: a Very Short Introduction by Terryl Givens, and a lot of FARM articles from BYU professors, which have me riveted.
Besides the needed intellectual challenge of teaching the class, I've noticed a change in my spiritual life as well. I think Heavenly Father was looking for ways to give me more blessings, so He handed me a calling. I return, I've noticed so many of my prayers have been answered. I've noticed my patience has been stretched liked taffy, and in turn the girls are more patient with each other. All in all, good all around.

And PS, if I were going to make a movie of the Book of Mormon, Russel Crowe would be Nephi.


  1. Are you following the BoM institute notes on Times and Seasons? (http://timesandseasons.org/index.php/author/julie-m-smith/) They are an excellent prompt for me. I'm also enjoying Grant Hardy's Reader's edition of the BoM and his Reader's Guide. Both provide tons of context and great help in asking constructive questions.

  2. I'm currently listening to a podcast featuring terryl givens!