A lot of stereotyping goes on in an election year, and this year I think there's a whole lotta stereotyping of Mormons. I've read so many articles and heard news items that lump Mormons together, and any kind of 'lumping' makes me nervous. Whenever anyone tells me, "Well, I'm not a typical Mormon," or "I'm not a normal Mormon mom," I think "Of course you're not! No one is 'typical' of anything except themselves; and do you actual know a 'normal' Mormon?!"

Everyone has their own story to tell and a reason for where they are and for what they're doing. I have love and compassion for humanity as a whole, and I just don't think stereotyping does anyone any good because it predisposes the mind to think a certain way about someone before you know them.

Labeling and stereotyping can be an act of anger, ignorance and sometimes even cowardice. I'm wary of of even 'positive' labeling. Whenever a woman tells me she's a feminist, I think, "Well what does that make of the rest of us?" I mean, does anyone know a woman who doesn't want women to be treated with equality and fairness? Why draw a line, and what is that line, and why are you labeling yourself? I think individually and as a whole we need to rethink how people are being labeled and grouped together, because its a slippery slope and can be an excuse for unkindness, and no one needs more of that.

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  1. Definitely guilty of labeling and stereotyping. I think we all are to a degree. But I completely agree with this. I haven't thought of it that way before.