Whenever Jo and Millie pretend to be someone(thing) else, its always masculine. If its not an animal, they pretend to be Superman, Aladdin or Mickey Mouse. I'm not worried, I just wish I could find some equally interesting feminine heroes for them. But who wants to be Lois Lane if you can be Superman?
I'm meticulously picky about what media comes in our house. In my quest to find interesting girls for mine to watch and read about, I just couldn't find any that spark my girls interest in the same way their male heroes do. I've tried Madeleine (go for the European options first, eh?), Dora the Explorer, Angelina Ballerina (a total no-go), and some Minnie Mouse. Nothin'.
Then I remembered She-Ra. Yeah, as in Heman's sister. The girls think she's *awesome*, and her horse can fly - w o w! This may start a new phase for them; we'll see. However, I'm no lover of the 80's, there's only so much synthesizer and spandex I can handle. Let's face it, I do not enjoy She-Ra, but I do like the fact that the girls have a female superhero now, blazing blonde hair, cheesy lines and all.


  1. I didn't know about She-Ra. But I think it's pretty awesome that your girl's are awed by her. Just from her picture I can tell she's powerful, one to be respected. We had a great time last night and hope we can get together with you to play that 80's game. We promise not to wear spandex... even though it might be appropriate given the era it was made.

  2. Have you thought about Wonder Woman? I've been watching some Justice League episodes lately and she is awesome!