Besides occasionally sticking their fingers up their noses, the twins have picked up other obnoxious habits. Such as the classic, repeating my name over and over until I tear my eyes away from what I'm doing and give them my attention. "Mama....Mama....MAMA! Mamamamamamamamamamama!" Ad infinitum.
Josephine was doing just this the other evening while I was actively sauteing vegetables. When I finally looked over to see what she wanted, she had clearly forgotten whatever it was she wanted me to see. She gave me a blank look, mouth agape, searching for her lost thought. Giving up, she just raised her arms and gave an embarrassed "...........Ta-dah!" I was laughing so hard. Funny kid.

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  1. Aw.

    You bring these moments back to me with SUCH clarity. Thank you.

    And it was so great to see the Priest women out in force last night. I think we must have all been neighbors in a former life.