So You Want to Read...

If you don't know Margy Layton, you should. She's one of the most open-hearted and open-minded people you'll ever know. I first met her during a very formative period of my life, and my worldview would be different had I never met her. She's hosting a series of literary events at the Springville Public Library, titled "So You Want to Read..." The first meeting started with a bang with Ann Cannon and Louise Plummer. My personal highlights of the evening were imagining Ann as a naughty fifth grader running into the boy's bathroom, and when Louise talked about going through her 'dirty reading' phase. I also loved it when Ann brought me some Christmas and Valentine's Peeps. Did I mention Ann is also one of my favorite people in this whole wide world? Because she is. Reading her columns and her blog give me many needed laughs in my days, in fact I rather rely on them. I have fond memories of working at TKE with her.
Next month's "So You Want to Read" centers on Moby Dick, one of my favorite novels. Come! Here's the schedule.

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