a new study

A new BYU study has shown that blogging helps new-time moms. It found that "the more a new mom blogged the less stress she felt about being a parent." Blogging creates a sense of community that is invaluable to a new mom. "The study, which was recently published in Maternal Health Journal, shows that first-time moms who blog regularly have less parental stress and higher marital satisfaction than moms who don't blog." Facebook time did not make a difference either way.
I read about the study in the Daily Herald, and I'm glad to know that such studies are being made. Motherhood can be so alienating, since it inhibits the things you used to love and do. I do know that blogging helps me personally; not only does it give me an outlet to write and formulate ideas, but I think about blog topics while I'm doing mundane chores.
This has all reminded me of something one of my old art history professors has been fascinated with - photographs from the 1890s-1900s of 'hidden mothers.' Intriguing. I just feel like there's an Art Bulletin article waiting to be written about them.

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