There are some mornings that start with a loud and clear, "MILLIE, WAKE UP!" from Jo. I already know those days are going to be bad ones. 7 AM this morning. Then its like dominoes, Jo wakes up Millie, who wakes up Hazel. My girls need 11-12 hours of sleep to be happy little people, and they definitely didn't get that last night. Oh my irritating, Batman. If Jo doesn't have enough sleep, she just whines and whines all day for things she can't have. "Mama, mama, mama, I want Lucky Charms." No. "Mama, chocolate egg, please, mama, mama, mama." Grrrr. "Mama, take off my shirt, mama mama mama." She's like having a little bird flutter around my feet all day, chirping for one thing or another. Its enough to drive a mama mad! Just sleep some more, kid!

Thank goodness its FRIDAY.

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