The Ward Interceptor

My brother had a great idea tonight. At our family dinner, I was discussing some of the problems I've been having with my gospel doctrine class, specifically, people bringing in politics. Ben had a stroke of genius - what we need in our church is a new calling, "The Ward Interceptor." The Interceptor's job is to anticipate when an inappropriate, awkward, off-topic or boring comment is about to occur, and fast as can be shoot his/her hand into the air and divert the discussion. "What about flowers - God created a lot of flowers and let's talk about them!" or "Was that mentioned in the last General Conference?"

Its brilliant, no? Maybe I should mention it to the bishop...


  1. I'm laughing. Hard. There is a member of our stake presidency who seems to be obsessed with talking about the specifics of modesty for women. How long our shorts should be and how high our necklines should be. How we shouldn't allow baby girls to wear sundresses. It's enough to make me fume inside a bit. I wish I could play "interceptor" and raise my hand and redirect the conversation to be about how modesty is actually a socio-emotional state of being and begins in the heart and is only manifest in dress, not the other way around so much. Because I consider myself a pretty conservative dresser, but when men start lecturing women about how their garments should never show (when the collar of men's garments are ALWAYS showing) sparks my indignation something fierce.

    Sorry. My tangent had very little to do with politics at church. But if I'd voiced my little quasi-feminist rant in church, I'm sure it would have turned political somehow, right?

  2. I wonder if Em's stake presidency member is the guy who left that girl at BYU the infamous modesty note?

    You and Trev need to move back to the Aves. If politics get brought up, they're the right kind of politics . . .

  3. Shelley, I want to just go to your class on Sunday and be the Ward Interceptor. When the select people start speaking, I could raise my hand and (ala Hermione) just start talking about anything. When they start talking about Romney or Obama, I could just say "You know, Thomas S. Monson visited all the widows in his ward. All eighty four of them. Every single one. Can you imagine being so kind and caring that you would be QUIET and listen to others who need the company?" Or maybe just kick their chair legs or knock over their scriptures......