deep down happy

I've had some truly tender moments with my girls lately. I thought I better write them down here because I don't keep a journal besides this one, and I don't want to forget them!
Jo found a baby doll she was given almost a year ago, and suddenly this nurturing side of her came out. She picked up the doll, brought her to me and said, "Mama, its so little! Little baby..." She stroked her, changed her diaper, sang her a song while she walked around patting her back and saying, "Don't cry little baby, go to sleeeeeep." The part that brought tears to my eyes was when she found a scrap of fabric and used it as a hankie, and just like I've done for her a hundred times with my hankies, she slowly and gently wiped away her baby's tears and comforted her. Precious!
Millie sometimes wakes up an hour before we usually do, and on those days usually Trevor or I go up and lay with her and keep her quiet so the rest of us can sleep. On Saturday I went up there, and when I laid down with her Millie started gently caressing my face, running her fingers through my hair, rubbing my arms, just being as gentle and sweet as can be.
Hazel is starting on the mama stage where she won't have anyone else. Its sweet, but my arms are tired. The other day she was being passed around, and when I finally held her again, she grabbed me with tight little fists and buried her head into me shoulder. She would NOT let me go again.

Those moments are so necessary, because they are the small shining moments in a sea of toddler madness! My friend Margy told me I was parenting in a concentrated way, raising so many at the same time. After thinking about it, I'm glad it happened like this. Yes, its crazy, but we're managing just fine. I'm really happy. A deep down happy.

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