on the road...

Because of all the hard work Trevor has been doing, he's been granted a well-deserved week off. There were many vacation and stay-cation ideas tossed around, but in the end Trevor wanted to go to Disneyland. So, like my mother before me, I am on the road to the Happiest Place on Earth next Monday!
I am excited to get out of town for a week, but its just so much work to get the kids anywhere I'm having a hard time working myself up to it. I mean, I rarely brave the grocery store with all three. But, Trevor wants to go and its his vacation. I am, however, getting a special treat. A whole day in LA's fabric district. Trevor is watching the kids all day, and it will be the first day since the twins were born some 2 1/2 year ago that I won't be with them. There are three treasures I'm hunting for there: 1. Linen. Can't get good stuff here in Utah. 2. European bias trims 3. Home decor fabric to recover the girls' little chairs.
I have to admit, I'm much more excited about seeing all that fabric than I am Disneyland (I know, Sarah! Its just that its sooo much work, the girls will be overstimulated!). So, here's hoping for fun, and some great finds!


  1. I commend your bravery, and I hope your break turns out perfectly.

  2. George loved Disneyland! He was really good. I think you will have more fun than you are expecting. Mostly I'm glad you get to see Trevor!