We had a fantastic vacation. Disneyland was so much fun, and the girls were great. They love seeing the characters, although for the life of me I don't know why. I think they're creepy, but whatev, its a supreme experience for their little hearts. As for rides, Hazel loved Winnie the Pooh, Jo loved Dumbo, and Millie loved being in and around the castle. My favorite part was when Millie sang Cinderella "A Dream is a Wish" in a very bashful, sweet whisper. Melt your heart! Now about every two hours I get "Mama, go to Disneyland?" from Millie. The other two are happy to be home, and so am I. It was lovely to get away from housework for a week, but I feel like I need another 12 hours of extra sleep to make up for what I lost on the trip.
The second day my mom and I ventured to the fabric district in downtown LA. My sister-in-law bought me some fabric for Christmas there and ever since I've been dying to check it out. At first glance, I had second thoughts, its a bit, umm....dodgy, as the Brits say. Reminded me of alley markets in Shanghai. Haggling, narrow little shops owned by Israelis and Pakistanis, dirty streets. I got flashed by a homeless man, which was, well, the low point of the day.
As for the high point, it came in the form of a hearty, mischievous laugh. We were in a higher-end shop selling home decor fabric, shopping for window curtains. The day was ending, and I wanted to go to this specific shop I'd read about online, but I didn't have the address. So we asked the man behind the counter if we could use his internet for just a second to find it. He said we couldn't, and was very rude about it. We left a little miffed, but found the shop anyway, called Zip Up Zippers (amazing!). We spent about an hour there, during which Hazel filled her diaper. In a moment of uncommon unpreparedness, I did not have wipes or dipes with me, and we were a mile from the car. I just couldn't make the sweet one suffer, so I cleaned her up and she went commando. We left to head back to the car, but had to stop at the hoity-toity curtain place to pick up the last of the fabric. When we were having it cut, Hazel squatted, and made a decent size piddle puddle right there on the floor. No one noticed. I had no idea what to do......I just walked over to my mom, gagging with laughter, and whispered "I think I found a way to repay them for not letting us use the internet! Hee hee hee!"
And we left. I know, I know. Mary Crawley wouldn't have done it. But it was a warehouse floor, and dried out soon. Afterall, its karma, I tell you!


  1. I'm glad you had a fun time! Disneyland is always fun!

  2. I always love reading/hearing this story... I think there must be Karma in the world! I just love imagining Hazel just squatting and going, and those places are pretty much the armpits of stores!