online shopping

Over the past few months I've created this habit of online shopping for 20-30 minutes after the girls went down for a nap, as a reward for surviving the morning.
After watching this video, I analyzed my behavior, and I came to the conclusion that my motivation to shop online is to look forward to something exciting coming in the mail. I love having a treasure delivered in a brown box or a big yellow envelope! The anticipation and gratification. Hunting for treasures for my house and children.
I haven't shopped online in almost a month now. I'm trying to get over it. Our mail lady only delivers coupons and junk mail now, and an occasional bill. Bluh. I'm trying to replace the habit with getting some dinner preparation done before the girls are up because it makes the evening flow so much better.
But its just so much more boring....


  1. You are not alone in this, my dear. But I figure it's not like I can shop in person anywhere right now. I'm not going into any store with all 3 kids - no way. But I do love that feeling of having a package to look forward to - and my UPS guy knows me by name...

  2. I don't quite understand what you mean,trouble again to explain,especially...