The Sewing Cafe

While I was on our trip, I had a momentous dream. I dreamt of a sewing space that I opened and invented on University Ave in Provo, called 'The Sewing Cafe." It was a large, open room, tall ceiling, with three rows of tables with sewing machines and women sewing on them. A big chandelier hung from the ceiling, and in the corner was a kids' area with toys, things to climb on, puzzles, etc. And, of course, there was a small boulangerie by the door selling beautiful cupcakes, pain-au-chocolat, and fruit, along with delectable drinks. Next to it was a place to sit and chat, look at sewing books and magazines, and relax on big squishy couches. Guests professors from BYU & UVU's costuming and sewing departments had planned lectures to come and teach on specific master classes, as well as others (me) teaching beginner classes.

I awoke absolutely inspired. These kinds of cafes are opening all over Europe, so why not here? I would LOVE a chic space to sew socially, where my kids could interact with other kids. Charge admission ($2-$3 per person), and rent sewing machines by the hour.

I started talking over the idea with Trevor. Being the remarkable husband he is, he was supportive and offered his talents. After a week and a lot of mental energy, I have to admit the idea has fizzled a bit, unfortunately. Primarily because: A. I don't know if there are enough women interested in such a place, B. Utah Valley is notoriously cheap, and everyone already has a sewing machine who wants one C. It is the space that inspires me, and I don't want to put all the effort into trying something that I'm pretty sure wouldn't work, I just don't have the energy or money for it :(

I am not a defeatist, but I am practical. However I may still turn this into something. More details later, but I am making baby steps towards the goal anyway...


  1. I would totally go there. I think it's an amazing idea!

  2. And... That was me that commented above. Not my husband. ;)