Highlights of the weekend:

  • When Josephine told me that cars don't poo, they just get gas. "Umm...well, yes, honey, that's true...."
  • Trevor and I actually went on a DATE. We saw 'The Artist,' which was better than I expected and I had high expectations. Totally the best movie of 2011. 
  • Eating The Trolley's dessert of the month after the movie, the Lemon Berry Marscapone Cake. Seriously peeps, it is so stinking good. I actually talked to the manager and told her it had to stay on the menu it was so good. Don't miss it if you're in town!
  • Buying new fabric, and finished sewing six pairs of summer pants for the girls.
  • Opening all the windows in the house - and its March!!!
  • Teaching my best Gospel Doctrine class yet.
  • Watching Millie run around with Jean-Luc the Puppy. She wore out the puppy first, can you believe it?!
  • Listening to Jo's bedtime prayer tonight, when she said she was grateful for: "Moogie, Papa, and......bacon."


  1. Jo! She's so hilarious!

  2. Love this list. Who is Jean-Luc? Is there a picture I should see?