food fight II

I had a lengthy discussion with the pediatrician, and he gave me advice and reassurances. Its okay that Josephine weighs 27 pounds, and that her appetite is shrinking, because she's not growing as quickly as she was during the first two years of her life. Okay, great.
But she still refused to eat. I finally got it out of her that she wouldn't eat because she wanted her binky. Her little brain thought that if she fasted long enough, I'd give in before she would. So, I cut up all the binkies.
We're on day 6 now of no-binkies, and it has been AWFUL. They won't nap because they have no binkies to comfort them to sleep. We told them a total lie, and said that Tinkerbell had come to take the binkies to give to new babies. I just couldn't have them thinking that I cut them up, it would be better for them if they thought they were needed for another baby. But Millie was certain that 'bad guys' came into our house and broke her binkies. That made me cry. I've been spending the past five days trying to tell her that bad guys can't even get into our house. But she couldn't imagine Tinkerbell taking her favorite thing.

I so need to reward myself for getting through this. The silver lining is, Jo is eating. Eating about twice as much as she did before I ditched the binkie. That is a big, big victory.


  1. Hooray for eating! That's fantastic news, even if you have to deal with binkie-withdrawal.

  2. Isn't it remarkable dealing with children who have bigger personalities than their parents? It kicks my trash several times every week.