Master Gardener Moog

Having a Master Gardener Mother has many advantages. For example, you get free advice from gardening gurus like Larry Sager and the President of Thanksgiving Point Gardens. Plus you get all the latest gardening breakthroughs.

Trev and I are planting a garden, and our plan was to rent a sod-cutter and break up the land we've designated for the garden. But no, says Master Gardener Moog! There's a better way! Spray Round-Up liberally over the designated area for the garden, because it dissipates in 7 days and will kill every unwanted plant, but leaves the nutrients and soil structure that plants like best. Then cover the area with a black tarp, and let it solarize for six weeks. Then, when its safe to start planting on May 12th, we'll uncover the spot and spread some delish compost from the city's green waste plant and only then will we till the soil.

I've always been with Hermione, if you haven't worked hard to earn the knowledge through study and homework, than you can't claim ownership. But in this case, I'm so grateful to benefit from my mother's hard work and studious efforts, and get a 'green thumbs' up from her.


  1. Yay for Linda! I wish that your mom and I (and you, natch) were neighbors.

  2. Renn is finishing up his master gardener certification, and I have to agree - there are many perks to having one in the family!