the bacon spot

I did something gross. But you have to understand a few things first.
  1. Some fifty people pass by our house everyday on walks, and about half of them have dogs. Black dogs, white dogs, skinny, fat, the twins love watching them pass by.
  2. We have Bacon Saturdays. Trevor loves bacon, but I detest the smell that lingers all day long, and the grease on the stove top and floor. So we compromise by only having it once a week, and only for breakfast. Every Saturday morning we are awoken by two excited girls climbing in our bed begging for their bacon.
Several Bacon Saturdays ago, I had a thought. What if we poured the bacon grease on a spot on the ugly part of the lawn, between the sidewalk and the road, so that every dog that walks by will stop and sniff it? That way the girls will have a chance to see more dogs out the window.

It totally worked. Ain't a dog alive that won't pass by that disgusting, black spot on the lawn without giving it a long, hard sniff. A few weeks ago I noticed a neighbor dog trying to eat it, and spent a good twenty minutes licking it. I couldn't shoo it away, and had a wicked laugh, Someone's going to be wondering what on earth their dog got into!

I know, its gross. But the girls get to see many, many more dogs than they ever did before!


  1. this post just made my day! Why don't I have bacon saturday?! Genius!

  2. I laughed out loud at that one. Such as Shelley thing to do! Gosh I miss seeing you and Trevor and the babies! Remember when I'd come over and just hang out with you all for a while after the babies went to bed? I miss those days!