only so far

It has been a truly trying week. It started when Jo almost bit off her own tongue after Millie pushed her off our bed. That lead to several miserable meals and long nights. T'aint much you can do to help heal a tongue. Then Millie decided that taking off her diaper and leaving surprises for me to find in their room was great fun. I know, its time to potty train. And I mean to, I'm just waiting for a day when no one is sick and we've all had a good nights sleep. I may wait forever...

I'm doing all I can to keep my head above water. But most of the time I feel like I'm drowning, especially today. The girls won't take naps anymore, but they need them. They are so cranky and horrid the rest of the day if they don't get even half an hour of shut-eye.

I have a plan of attack tomorrow for naptime. I'm bringing my sewing in, and sitting in the chair in their room and force them to stay in their beds until they go to sleep. I'll make a game of it so they don't feel like they're being forced....Who can keep their eyes shut the longest? Ah ah ah - the floor is lava! If you step off your bed you'll burn up!

They will wake so much happier and the day will go so much smoother if they just stop playing and lay down for a while. Also, if I don't have even that much of a respite in the middle of the day, I turn into the mom I never wanted to be, but so often am...There are times I feel like prayer, determination and creativity can only go so far, if your body, mind and spirit are exhausted.


  1. Oh, Honey. These are hard days, for sure.

    Love you lots.

  2. If you succeed, please share your napping superpower tips. I have the same problem with Graham, and his needing-a-nap behavior has caused me more than a little embarrassment with my house guest this week.