Guilty Pleasure Movies. Movies you're embarrassed to admit how many times you've actually watched them. The ones you want to watch after you failed a test, went to the doctor's with kids, or just had a lousy day. The ones I watch when Trevor's away. The ones you think other people just don't appreciate but should, but you don't admit to them being your favorite movies. Here are mine:
  1. Green Card 1990. Favorite line: "Get out of here, you cucumber!" Pretty sure everyone who reads this also knows my subconscious fetish and crush on Monsieur Gerard....
  2. A Walk in the Clouds, 1995. Yes, Keanu is terrible. But I love this movie. It will always remind me of the summer nights Sarah and I would watch it together and ogle Keanu's beautiful arms at the end, and swoon at the butterfly part!
  3. Ever After, 1998. I can quote every line beginning to end. One of my favorite compliments anyone ever gave me was in high school when this came out, and one of my friends said she felt like she was watching me on screen! Now if only I had her ball gown....
  4. A Room with a View, 1985. I will never tire of this movie. I'll be 98 in the nursing home and ask them to put it on for me.
  5. A Good Year, 2006. Marion and Russel have some great chemistry...and yes, I watch it mostly because I wish I was the one who inherited the hundred-year-old vineyard in Provence...

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  1. Mine are Penelope, Ever After, Moulin Rouge!, Far And Away, Room With A View, Becoming Jane (James McAvoy! Ahhhhh!).... And there are a few others, but I can't think of them right now.